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Do you know the true cost of cheap vehicle lighting?

Most buyers have the expectation that all LEDs will last over 50,000 hours. This makes low cost LED lighting systems sound like a good option ..…

Over the past several months, we have conducted rigorous tests on a variety of low cost LED lights readily available on the market. We found that after just 32 days of continuous testing several of these products had up to a 97% drop in light output, and suffered multiple individual LED failures. That’s in less than 800 hours! Under the same conditions, the Labcraft product had a 0% fall in light output and also a 0% failure rate.

The implications of this can have a sizable impact on your costs.  To calculate the possible full lifetime costs associated with cheap LED lighting failures we’ve identified the following:-

• Product replacement costs:

• Labour rate to replace 1 light unit: up to £40.00 each

• Time off the road (loss of business due to downtime): up to £2,000

• Vehicle damage due to poor light: – up to £12,500

So, why does Labcraft quality pay dividends in cost savings to large and small vehicle owners?

Find out in next weeks post …..


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