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What our customers think about us:

“We have a long-established culture that continuously focuses on safety, operational delivery, efficiency and customer service. This lighting system from Labcraft fits well with our safety policy. It is consistent with our high standards of compliance and innovation across the commercial vehicle fleet.”
Jeremy Harrison, Executive Director, M GROUP SERVICES PLANT & FLEET SOLUTIONS
A pleasure to deal with. High quality innovation AND made in the UK!
Chris Spanton, Commercial Manager, WOODAUTO SUPPLIES LTD
We appreciate the wide availability of the Labcraft team and the service they are able to offer. Labcraft’s products are for us synonymous of quality and, as Italian, we really appreciate the design of their products when it chain at the functionality …for this the range of SCENELITE SI6 and SI7 are having great success and we are look forward to the launch of the SI8.

We look forward to seeing all the new products that are under development. We are proud to cooperate with Labcraft for its vitality to develop and propose new products. Special thanks to Justin, Lizzy and Maggie for a direct relationship with us

Matteo Morazzoni, Sales Department, ERAR srl
When it comes to components, to complement our vehicles, Doyles Commercial Body Building demand the ultimate in performance at low voltage whilst achieving the highest standards aestheically. All with simplicity in installation and at a cost that is unrivalled. We are delighted to have chosen Labcraft as our supplier of Interior Lighting Solutions and are proud for our range of High Payload Commercial Bodies to have the ‘Megalux’ LED with built in PIR fitted as standard. Already pre type-approved, the IP66 rated light delivers unbeatable 350 lumens of clear, white light in our loading bay ensuring optimum safe working areas and reducing health and safety risks.
Joseph Fieldstaff-Hughes. Strategic Project Manager, Doyles Commercial Body Building Ltd
At Clarks we are committed to using quality parts in all our vehicle conversions and we have no hesitation in choosing Labcraft to supply our interior lights. We use Labcraft products in our conversions because they are reliable and reasonably priced. Their LED strip lights perform well for our customers who need a bright light for the interior of their van conversion that uses minimal power.
Brett Harrop, Technical Director, Clarks Vehicle Conversions
As an architecture practice commissioned by Waltham Forest Council to deliver improvements to 43 shop fronts in the run up to the London Olympic Games we approached Labcraft with the task of providing exterior LED sign board illuminations to all properties. Matt and the team at Labcraft assisted us through every stage of the process, offering us a selection of different products and ensuring that our final choice was fit for purpose with regards to light output, cost and durability. When under pressure from the client to deliver the project to an Olympic deadline, Labcraft were able to accommodate our tight programme ensuring lighting units were delivered in good time ready for installation on site.
Anthony Staples
Activ8me, Australia’s largest satellite broadband provider, is working with the Australian Government to improve remote Indigenous Community access to essential telecommunications services. We have installed 300 community phones since May 2009 under the Australian Government’s Indigenous Communications Program (ICP).

These innovative phones are powered by solar energy and utilise a powerful satellite connection. Calls to all fixed phones in Australia are completely free. A standard prepaid phone card is used for mobile calls, international and premium numbers. At last count more than 390,000 calls have been made using community phones.

As the installations have progressed, Activ8me and the Australian Government have looked at various ways of enhancing the end user experience. One enhancement that was requested by many communities was the addition of a light source to the community phones to illuminate the surrounding area at night. A bright, waterproof and low power draw light was required. The Microlux SI3_2-1MV waterproof light from Labcraft proved to be the ideal solution, meeting all of the requirements. When mounted below the solar panels, the Microlux SI3_2-1MV brightly illuminates an approximate 5m radius around the community phone, making easy to see the information panel, handset and keypad. Feedback from communities has been very positive after installation, as other light sources are usually limited. Lights have been installed at 100 sites so far, with another 150 scheduled for install by June 2015.

Chris Blair, ICP Technician, Activ8me
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