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Brighter Lights for Highway Work

Brighter and safer vehicle lighting from Labcraft.

BT-HS, a leading provider of specialised traffic management and highway vehicles, has specified high-intensity low-voltage Labcraft Nebula strip light and Si7 Scenelite for its IPV (Impact Protection Vehicle) range which, says the company, meet its high safety standard. Based in Chorley, Bespoke Traffic & Highway Solutions comprises 6 divisions: traffic management, emergency services, fleet support, rail services, civil engineering, and vehicle rental.

“The nature of the specialist work carried out by our customers dictates the very highest quality and performance regarding every aspect of each vehicle we provide. Efficient and reliable lighting is no exception and, in this regard, we selected the Labcraft Nebula strip light and Si7 Scenelite because they match the high-spec’ safety criteria our customers demand.” Jason Grigg, UK Customer Account Executive for BT-HS.

Designed and manufactured in the UK by Labcraft, the Nebula strip light is surface mounted on each side of the IPV cone well to provide a brightly lit and safe working area for operatives as they distribute cones onto the road.

“Nebula incorporates the Orizon LED strip light, which uses the latest in LED Cree technology, for optimum performance and reliability – essential factors when operating in a potentially hazardous environment. The Nebula is fully waterproof, and the LEDs achieve a high level of luminosity, allowing us to offer a brighter unit whilst using fewer LEDs to maintain a low power draw – it’s where safety and efficiency meet.” Matt Stubbs, Sales Manager for Labcraft.

Set in a low profile, tough aluminium housing, Nebula is made for quick and easy ‘plug-and-play’ installation, making it ideal for BT-HS to retrofit to new or existing vehicles. “Plus,” says Jason Grigg, “we needed a lamp that sits as flush as possible, to minimise the risk of accidental damage and to keep the access clear.”

For additional illumination onto the immediate areas around the vehicle, BT-HS have specified two Labcraft Si7 Scenelite lamps per side. Fitted to the sides of the vehicle at the front and rear, the Si7 Scenelite emits a bright white light, allowing crystal clear visibility.

“The Si7 Scenelite produces a unique light projection to help create a safer working environment down both sides of the vehicle. Furthermore, the robust aluminium casting has been built to last and provides protection against severe weather conditions and pressure washing.” adds Matt Stubbs.

“The Labcraft Nebula and Si7 Scenelite are now part of our standard specification, and it’s reassuring to deal with a like-minded British manufacturer from whom new equipment and parts are always readily available,” concludes Jason Grigg. “We build, convert and fabricate to the highest standard and in this regard, Labcraft ticks every box.”

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