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Green Manufacturing

Green Manufacturing

At Labcraft, we recognise that manufacturing activities have a potential influence on the environment in terms of the use of materials, emissions and waste generation. We are all committed to improving the environment by implementing sustainable practices.

The power efficient lighting solutions we design are already making a contribution by helping to conserve the earth’s natural resources, but at Labcraft protecting the environment goes far beyond this.

As a company, we have already implemented the following strategies:

  • The heating and hot water system is operated by a Biomass boiler whereby wood chip is used to feed the system which reduces our CO2 emissions compared to oil, gas or electric heating systems.
  • We recycle cardboard by shredding it in our warehouse and re-using it as packing material to protect our lights on the way to the customer.
  • Over 7,000 trees and hundreds of metres of hedging have been planted within the farmland surrounding our head office over the last 5 years.
  • Paper and plastics are also re-cycled and each area in the business has a re-cycling station.
  • Waterless urinals have been installed making immediate and measureable water savings; a conventional urinal flushes away an average of 50,000 litres of clean water per year.
  • A 10kW solar panel system has been installed helping to reduce energy costs and at the same time improve environmental performance. The 40 x Conergy 250w PE system has an estimated annual output of 8,392kWh/a, reducing carbon emissions by 7,394kg/a.

We continue to look for new ideas to save energy and reduce pollution. On a daily basis we help protect the environment by to taking into account the following:

  • Make efficient use of natural resources by conserving energy and water, minimising waste by recycling where possible.
  • Use recycled materials whenever these can be commercially justified.
  • Promote energy saving by proactively avoiding activities that cause unnecessary carbon emissions.
  • Work alongside suppliers to help them recognise and reduce the environmental impact of their products and transportation.

At Labcraft, we are an integral part of the global solution to reduce the environmental impact on the Earth’s resources.

About Labcraft
Labcraft are industry leaders in the field of LED Commercial Vehicle lighting for trailers, trucks and vans, and for the Emergency Vehicle sector.  Labcraft design and manufacture in the UK a range of high-quality LED lighting products with distinctive design features.  Labcraft lighting solutions have proven to improve safety and reduce vehicle lifetime costs.

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