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How important is LED binning?

How important is LED binning to your lighting supplier?

What is LED binning and why is it important?
This is the process of analysing and ascertaining certain properties of an individual LED and batching it together with identical/almost identical LEDs. Analysed characters include colour temperature, CRI, Flux and voltage. This process is carried out for quality assurance through maintaining continuity of colour, constant minimum light output and allowing the luminaire manufacturer to ensure their driver circuit can drive the LEDs within their operating specification.

How if affects light quality and performance
If a luminaire manufacturer accepts a wide bin range they will generally pay lower price for their LEDs, usually resulting in a cheaper final product. A lower price may sound appealing to the end customer, however this is likely to have serious implications on the quality and consistency of the product. A wide bin range will also result in differences in colour that may be visible from fixture to fixture and from production run to production run. More importantly, it is very likely that colour differences will be seen in single products containing multiple LEDs. In products containing multiple LEDs there is significant risk of LEDs suffering electrical over stress, resulting in premature failure.

Why Labcraft can offer a 10 year warranty
At Labcraft, we solely use Cree LEDs and have carefully selected our LED bin ranges in order to maximise on the performance and quality of each and every product bearing the Labcraft name. We have developed a close relationship with Cree over the years and receive regular updates containing the latest technological advances which enables us to offer you product upgrades, such as Brighter LED products at no additional cost to you. This in turn enables us to offer you ‘fit & forget’ lighting solutions which are supported by the market leading Labcraft 10 year warranty.

Why Labcraft lights are consistently brighter
Using cheaper LEDs in a product can also result in a large drop in light output over a short period and premature failures. To avoid disappointment with your LED lighting we would recommend that you consider asking the manufacturer of your products a little more about their choice of LEDs and if LED binning is important to them.

Why is LED binning important to Labcraft
The motivating factor for Labcraft specifying a range of just 4 sub bins with Cree is one of consistency. Labcraft recognise that by delivering the same high quality of device ensures customers receive long term colour continuity, high performance and longevity in each and every Labcraft LED product.

About Labcraft
Labcraft are industry leaders in the field of LED Commercial Vehicle lighting for trailers, trucks and vans, and for the Emergency Vehicle sector.  Labcraft design and manufacture in the UK a range of high-quality LED lighting products with distinctive design features.  Labcraft lighting solutions have proven to improve safety and reduce vehicle lifetime costs.

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