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Hyperlux PIR



  • 1872 lumens; over 770 lux @ 1 metre
  • Multi-voltage (10-32V)
  • Waterproof to IP67
  • PIR option (multi-voltage)
  • Robust construction with unique impact deflection design

Long life, high intensity Cree LEDs

This technology produces a clean white light and creates a safe working environment. The Hyperlux will comfortably provide you with an average illuminance of over 20 Lux - the minimum suggested level for lighting in the work place.

Multi-voltage (10-32V) & PIR Option

Engineered to suit a broad range of vehicles and their voltages, the circuitry can withstand changes in voltage and will provide a constant light output.  The Hyperlux PIR is now available as a multi-voltage unit.  It senses movement and will turn off after 5 mins, ensuring energy isn't wasted and therefore increasing battery life.  (PIR option - 3 year warranty).

Waterproof to IP67

Suitable for installation in a variety of environments, including refrigerated vehicles.



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