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Exterior/Scene Lighting

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Exterior / Scene Lighting

Labcraft offer a range of exterior LED lighting solutions for Emergency Vehicles and Commercial Vehicles.  LED scene lights provide vital area lighting for fire engines, ambulances and police vehicles.

These exterior LED lighting products, including work lights, step lights and the ECE-R23 Banksman Manoeuvring Light, also provide a bright and safe working environment for construction vehicles where they often operate on muddy and uneven ground, and where driver visibility is poor.

Commercial trucks and trailers can also benefit from fitting exterior LED tail-lift and step lights to illuminate the working area thereby improving safety and reducing costs.

About Labcraft

Labcraft is Europe’s leading designer and manufacturer of Commercial Vehicle and Emergency Vehicle LED lights, producing a range of industry specific lighting products that have proven to improve safety and reduce lifetime costs.  These lighting products include interior and exterior LED lamps for vans, trucks and trailers. Our low voltage LED lighting products are also used in many other applications such as commercial, marine and leisure.

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