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Work Faster & Safer in Your Van

Labcraft offer the most comprehensive range of interior LED lights to transform every van into a safer and more productive place to work. The wide […]

Safety in Construction

Every year thousands of Construction Site workers are injured or killed while performing their work.  And one of the Top 5 frequent causes of accidental […]

Labcraft Europe nominated for DEKRA Award 2017

The DEKRA award is given for outstanding concepts, initiatives and processes that have led to outstanding results in the categories “Safety at work”, “Safety on […]

Why install a Banksman Manoeuvring System?

Nearly a quarter of all deaths involving vehicles at work happen when a vehicle is reversing. Customers who have installed a Banksman system have found […]

Global First for Labcraft

Labcraft’s Banksman BM3 is the first, and only, manoeuvring light to meet the stringent Regulation 23 manoeuvring light rules. The Banksman provides a compliant manoeuvring […]

New LED Steplite launched by Labcraft

Unique with a market leading 10 year warranty, Labcraft introduces the small but powerful LED Steplite.  Offering 139 lumens of bright white light, the LED Steplite […]

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