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  • Built in PIR sensor/switch; 5 minute timer
  • Low power consumption; powers up to a 4.5A load
  • Low profile – only 20mm
  • Waterproof IP67 option available
  • Robust construction with unique impact deflection design

Built in PIR sensor/switch

The electronics used within this unit have been designed to detect the movement of body heat in order to activate the sensor.

5 minute timer

Once the sensor has been triggered, this timer unit will automatically switch the connected lamps on for a period of 5 minutes before automatically switching off. If continuous movement is detected then the lights in the vehicle will remain on.

Low energy consumption

The timer switch has been designed to use a minimal amount of power to prevent any unnecessary load on the battery and to work effectively in conjunction with Labcraft lights.

Low profile design

This surface mounted unit is only 20mm in depth therefore keeping obstruction and damage to the minimum.



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